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Cubiscan International is a NDE specialized inspections company specializing in IRIS (Internal Rotating Inspection System) MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage ) ECT (Internal Eddy Current Testing) RFT (Remote Field Testing ) PMI (Positive Material Identification )GWT (Guided Wave Inspections) UT (Ultrasonic Inspection) MT (Magnetic Particle Inspection) PT (Dye Penetrant Inspection) RT (Radiography) HT (Hardness Testing) WT (UT Wall Thickness Readings) ect that was established in 2008 by its mother company Philver services, a highly experienced NDE South African management team who have worked abroad in the Oil, Gas & Power generation Industry providing Maintenance & Inspection services.

Professional service to the Industry, both, on and offshore. Cubiscan International provides a full range of Industrial Project-related Inspection services, from start to finish through our strategic partnership with Philver Services.
With many years of experience in Non-Destructive Testing, Inspection, Cubiscan International has the ability to plan, mobilize and complete contracts with minimum down time for clients.

Cubiscan International was established by a highly experienced South African management team who have worked abroad in the Oil, Gas & Tube Inspection Industry providing Maintenance & Inspection.
Our Industries:
– Refineries
– Paper mills
– Sugar mills
– Petroleum
– Power stations
– Tobacco manufacturers
– Breweries
– Food industries
– Mining industries
– Steel manufactures etc.

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